Oreo List

My very important, very SCIENTIFIC, rating system of Oreos is dependent upon how long they last in my home (and a few other factors based on my mood). It is quite possible that an entire 10 oz package of Cotton Candy Oreos cannot survive more than twenty-four hours in my home and my husband refuses to eat them. I’ll give you three guesses as to who (can/might/does) consumes the ENTIRE package solo in less than twenty-four hours. #trueconfessions

Oreos in order of preference:
Thin Mint Oreos*
Cotton Candy
Cinnamon Roll
White Fudge covered Oreos
Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Strawberry
Regular Oreos*
Blueberry Pie
Peeps Oreo
Choco Chip
Pumpkin Spice
Salted Caramel Thins
Double Stuff Oreos
PB&J Oreos
Jelly Donut Oreo
Brownie Batter
Marshmallow Krispies
Firework Oreos (*with popping candy)
Candy Corn
Waffles and Syrup
Swedish Fish
Red Velvet

I could eat at anytime:
Regular Oreos*
Thin Mint Oreos*

Do not try:
Colored icing

Meh (as in, why?!?!):
Fruity Pebbles (ew. just ew.)
Golden Oreos (I do have a funny story about these)
Coconut Thins (I gave them away)
The two tone ones (golden cookie and regular cookie)

*Certain oreos are available all the time and I could eat them at anytime, however I’ve included them in my preference list for reference.