On Traveling part 2: 2-3 days before travel

Now that we’re on the other side of our 18 months of travel adventures, here are more of my thoughts and top tips.

2-3 days before travel:

I like to:
1) evaluate my food in the fridge and try to get creative with my meals so when it’s time to empty out the fridge I’m wasting as little as possible.

Throwing away food is probably the hardest part about a nomadic/traveling lifestyle. I learned that eggs  (scrambled), and bacon freeze- tear a section of freezer paper and lay out the slices so they don’t touch, roll/flip the freezer paper so each pieces is by itself and tuck into a gallon zip top bag. So if I knew a trip was impending I’d buy bacon for our breakfasts instead of sausage.

Another side note: effective meal planning really helps ensure my fridge had ‘just enough’ when I was ready to depart. The rhythm of having an almost empty fridge at the end of every week was super wonderful. (Cook Smarts for the win, again!
2) evaluate my laundry situation and make sure anything that needs extra drying time is washed and ready

There’s nothing like finding out while I’m packing that an item I really need is in the dirty bin.
3) check on my toiletries and refill items that are low.

Also these face cloths are magical. They start out dry which means I’m packing less fluids! And they are way too big so I cut them in quarters! Cost savings and less waste!

4)identify my snack needs on the airplane, in airports and the first day or two in a new location. We’ve had a wide range of arrival times which means it may be longer before I can get to a grocery store in our destination city. Buying or prepping snacks is always a preferred way for me to travel. (And it’s less expensive than airline/airport foods.)

I found I really enjoyed traveling with tea bags. I know many places have tea, but comfort wins over convince on this issue. Also, on a similar note, I like to travel with oatmeal. The packets are nice, but I prefer the bowl packages because I can usually track down a spoon and hot water easily. I’m pretty sure I tried every brand of oatmeal that was dairy free and they’re all good.

What do you like to do 2-3 days out from travels?

American Family Fitness Half Marathon 2016

Oh look a race report several months late! (And yes, this post has several photos I with awful watermark because, oh well.)


Y’all! Coming back from an injury (TL:DR- Runners Knee) is no joke. And the HMTT (or The Half or The Half Marathon Training Team) was an incredible resource for this year. I *think* I’ve posted about the training team previously, but if you’re feeling TL:DR: it was great. Jeremy and I registered for the training team with our desired information. The first day we were in separate groups. We decided we’d go ahead with whichever group we were placed in and report back on which group was better.


We picked my group, The Falcons. We made several friends in the group. My frequent running buddy was also named Nicole. We loved having structured, supported runs every week. The training guide they produce is also fun. I think I documented my progress for at least half if not three quarters of the training time.


Race day. Our friends the Pullams gave us a personal VIP experience. We parked our car downtown the night before, near the finish line. Best idea ever. Kathryn drove us home and we were good to go. Jason and Kathryn picked us up the next morning super early- yay for a runner host- who gets my insane need to be super early to a race.


We dropped off our bags, keeping our throw away clothes and what we wanted during the race and then Kathryn let us in to our top secret, toasty warm, clean bathroom waiting area.


Let me tell you, waiting inside was magical. We made our way to our corral close to the start of the race. Found some friend we needed to take pictures with and started our race.


I had in my mind the pace I wanted to run (9:40 min/miles) and the mile markers where I’d make decisions about how I felt, with plans to speed up throughout. I MUCH prefer a negative split race.


And my race went nothing like I’d planned.


It went faster.


I maintained a really nice pace for the duration of the race. Hard, but not unbearable and intense enough that I was delighted.


Kathryn and Jason found me a couple times throughout the race. It was incredibly wonderful to have a personal cheering section and paparazzi. 

Also side note: All of the shirts for the 13.1 runners… ugh. The cotton shirt is orange, the singlet was neon orange and the long sleeve was tomato soup red.

Thankfully a kind friend traded me her blue (Marathon) shirt for my red. I have previously survived the full race otherwise this would feel weird.


I tried to smile every time I saw a photographer. I think I did pretty well.


Here’s Nicole, Jeremy and myself at the finish on Brown’s Island.


I can’t remember now if Nicole and I saw each other on the race course or not, I think she and Jeremy saw each other though


Unbelievably thrilled with my finish.


9:05 min/miles overall for 13.1 miles.


In general this is a super awesome race. If you need or want a first marathon or half marathon, the folks at Sports Backers have it going on! (*I can say this with a lot of confidence because I just ran the BolderBoulder 10k ~50,000 runners and Sports Backers wins hands down for organization of event).